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  • Holidays

    The holidays can be a generally lonely time for many people. Laughter and cheer may not seem appropriate or natural for those going through loss, heartache, and sadness. Loneliness seems to creep in for many people at the end of the year. And loneliness is not a fun feeling; it is one of the most avoided feelings I believe.

    It’s so easy today to turn attention elsewhere rather than “inwhere.”

    How can you become more aware of your feelings this holiday season?

    Although there isn’t a magic solution for loneliness, these times can serve as a time of reflection and remind you of your Inherent resiliency.

    We welcome you to visit Institute of Mindful Therapy over the holidays if you are feeling low or if you just need a moment and a space to step away from all the craziness that the holidays bring.

    Remember, you are never alone.

    With Love,
    IMT – Walnut Creek Therapy

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