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  • My least favorite word in the English language is NO.

    Recently, I stopped working in this arena of thought. However it continues to knock on my door…

    No one has ever told me :

    “oh yeah that’s going to happen” 

    “You should just go do that”

    People usually say NO first. 

    Usually I’m greeted with NO – to most of my ideas, to most things both real and imagined. Some of this is my own lense, however a lot of this is from the world around me. So how do I get through? I remember who I am, and I know that there is no other option for me. 

    I have to be irrationally driven. I must keep going. This is where I BELONG. If it’s easy, I cannot seek to take that path. That is my life. It is HOW I CREATE and I create my best self quietly at times; other times very loudly. I don’t care at times about the now because it has technically already happened. 

    NOW that is a challenge in my yogic life. Yet sometimes I RUN. And I RUN fast. In fact I sprint. 

    So, for now I will embrace both ways. Today I don’t have the answer, but today I will run. 

    Today I pick up the baton that was dropped for awhile. The word NO is still my least favorite word in the English language. I’ll run. I’ll run and run and run. 

    This is who I am; I am BOTH. I am both the runner and both the yoga. I don’t make sense because I am not stuck; however I am trusting in my Ability to sense compassion, kindness and growth. 

    So self who am I and how do I know? I am BOTH. Difficult is my greatest asset. Tenacity is another friend of mine. I am not confined. I am FREE and I am counterintuitive. I am run. I am yoga. I know this because I have to break through, I have to know, I have to seek, I have to prove myself wrong or right, I have to do something. I see a staircase. I see a secret door. I see a back room. I see nothing else. That is how I know.