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  • Anne Robert, AMFT

    Anne received her MA in Counseling Psychology from JFK University and is a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.

    Anne uses a client-centered approach in her work, strongly supporting the client through the process of uncovering what is getting in the way of thriving. Anne loves working with many types of people; mature adults, young adults, and adolescents who may need help and support to identify and change unhelpful patterns.

    Anne’s approach is collaborative and empathetic, with a warm and caring approach to relationships, which is at the heart of change. Anne has helped clients work through many concerns. Some of which may be:

    • anxiety or depression,
    • history of trauma,
    • crisis management,
    • LGBTQ+ concerns,
    • gender identity questioning,
    • and relationship or intimacy issues.

    It takes a brave act to reach out for support. Anne encourages you to place a call and to believe that life can get better.