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  • Cyndi Lezcano, Certified Yoga Instructor

    Cyndi believes that our yoga practice is a mirror to our everyday lives and can help us change our perspective if we can learn to surrender and trust the process. Her view aligns with our belief at The Institute of Mindful Therapy inc and she is an integral part of our mission on treating you as a “whole individual.”

    In her classes she emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, alignment, and personal growth. Her teachings are lighthearted, playful, and educational with creative sequences that are ever evolving and changing, just as we are. She looks forward to growing with you!

    In 2016 Cyndi began her journey to become a certified yoga teacher. The more she learned , the more she wanted to know; hence she completed an advanced 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification program through Yoga Works. And she didn’t stop there! In 2019 she received an additional 150 plus hours of training in Specialized Yoga Therapies. She is certified in Oncology Yoga and Accessible Yoga in order to be of service to more people.

    She is trained in the following styles: Vinyasa, Foundations of Flow for beginners, Chair Yoga, Align and Flow (level 1 and 2), Restorative, Yin, 26+2 (bikram), Oncology, Accessible Yoga (those with injuries, chronic pain, comprised immune ,etc) and Yoga in Spanish. Cyndi teaches at several well known studios around the Bay Area and is a wonderful addition to IMT.

    For more information on class times and schedules, please reach out to the [email protected]