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  • The Benefits of Therapy

    Everyone can use a therapist, yes even happy people.    This may sound upside down, backward, confusing or just plain strange; I think the best time to begin therapy is when you are in a good place.  The thought that people who are mentally ill or “crazy”, I despise that word btw, go to therapy is as obsolete as remembering phone numbers.

    Having a therapist that you trust and enjoy spending time with is a powerful tool to get you ahead of your game.  Many people come to therapy to learn how to be the best version of themselves.  Then when this thing called life occurs, such as a bad breakup, a brief time of feeling down, a loss in life occurs you are already set up with a strong therapeutic relationship with someone who will hold all your secrets and pain.  Really, you can talk about anything in session and leave it there, leave it in your therapist’s room; pick it up the following week if you wish.  No judgment, no fear, just a ton of compassion and understanding.

    So my point is that working on yourself, to be the best you, to achieve the goals you want in this life, to dream big takes work.  Let’s be real, no one wants to do this, nor are they in a place to do this when a crisis occurs.

    Dealing with internal struggles later rather than earlier is simply a fact of not putting yourself first.  Better to get ahead of hard times or feelings that we often push down or try to ignore, then to wait until they bubble over and you feel totally overwhelmed.

    A lot of people go to therapy to learn that they are normal, just fine and doing a lot better than they had thought.  The worry, or getting stuck in your head takes you out of the now and throws you into a state of forwarding fretting.  Worrying is like a rocking chair, you certainly can sit there for a long time, yet it doesn’t get you anywhere!

    Give therapy a try, you probably will enjoy it.  Why not become the best version of yourself, learn better communication skills, raise your self-esteem and find self-compassion.  Your future self may just look back and say thank you!

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