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  • Happy Friday

    Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to take a moment this AM and Check-In with myself and you about what you are feeling today. What is it about Friday that earns it a “happy” feeling? I mean, it’s simply another day in the week. Right?!

    What feelings do we associate with Friday? How can we broaden those feelings to other days too?  If we are able to focus on a more “content” Friday we are more likely to feel that contentment throughout the week.

    We have been focusing a new campaign in our community around labels and how they affect people. As I began to study labels more in depth I became fascinated that we humans label everything! Even days of the week! So “happy” Friday everyone! My hope is to bring awareness to labels and how they can bring both joy and pain.

    In closing, I do wish you all a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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