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  • Jobs

    IMT offers a supportive internship program for pre-licensed MFT clinicians and pre-licensed LCSW’s that will allow you to:
    • Accrue hours towards licensure
    • Earn an income
    • Develop the clinical and entrepreneurial skills required for success in private practice
    • Create an actual practice that is yours once you are licensed
     Joining IMT is so Much More:
    • Retention of your client caseload
    • The opportunity to earn an income while accruing hours for licensure
    • The potential to earn more as your practice grows
    • Guidance and support to launch your private practice career
    • Assistant with business skills development
    • Assistance in procuring a professional office
    • Clinical enrichment and support, including monthly training workshops
    • An integrative or holistic philosophy
    • Weekly group supervision
    • Access to clinicians willing to provide reduced fee supervision
    • Referrals
    • A marketing support program
    • Promotion on Institute of Mindful Therapy’s website
    • Opportunities for volunteerism and professional development
    • The opportunity to continue at IMT once you become licensed.
    Email the link below:
    [email protected] with resume and cover letter.