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  • What is a Moon Circle?

    You can be yourself, speak your truth, and feel confident and comfortable within your body. Because this circle is a sanctuary for women who are craving a safe, authentic space, free of judgement. For we have been judged, criticized, and shamed for lifetimes.

    You can be there to support other women, as they share their hopes and dreams and struggles; and be a part of their healing and transformation, as well as your own.

    A moon circle not only builds a community, and has the power to heal all the women in the circle; but has the power to extend that healing to each of those women’s wider communities, and create a far-reaching ripple effect that changes the world.

    Join us for the monthly full moon gatherings to learn, activate and utilize the powerful feminine force within you


    A moon circle is a sacred gathering of women, who usually come together to honor and celebrate the new and full moon. In ancient communities, this circle was used to call in the divine feminine, and as a way of grounding, centering, and receiving higher wisdom.


    A moon circle is a safe space, where women can enjoy being in sacred sisterhood, feel supported and witnessed. Everything that happens in circle remains privately in the circle, which allows women to truly open up, share, and be authentic.


    Working with the moon is a wonderful way to honor and celebrate your own sacred cycle as a woman, and tune in to nature and the energy of the moon. It’s a way to create space, rhythm, and harmony; in your days, weeks, and months. It’s a powerful, underutilized tool and strength that only we, as women, have access to.

    When is the next full moon circle?


    • May 15th- Flower Moon
      Topic: IMT welcomes Dr. Natasha Bernard, owner of Alchemy Restorative, to discuss spring cleaning for body, mind, and spirit. She will provide a talk on her detoxing method, as well as providing botox and B12 injections (additional cost associated.)
    • June 14th – Strawberry Moon
      Topic: Sex Therapist Marie Whelan discusses sexuality and sensuality throughout a woman’s life with special focus on maintaining menopausal/post-menopausal sexual self.
    • July 13th – Buck Moon
      Topic: Free Flow Yoga
    • Aug 12th – Sturgeon Moon
      Topic: Sound bowl Healing
    • Sept 10th- Corn/Harvest Moon
      Topic: Career Planning and Negotiating
    • Oct 9th – Hunter Moon
      Topic: Acupuncture
    • Nov 8th- Beaver Moon
      Topic: Money healing
    • Dec 7th – Cold Moon
      Topic: Boundaries and Self Esteem


    • Jan 6th – Wolf Moon
      Topic: Home Healing Remedies
    • February – Snow Moon
      Topic: Intimacy/Love

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