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  • Galina Litvin, Co-Founder, CEO, LMFT /Supervisor

    Galina Litvin is the Co-Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for the Institute of Mindful Therapy.

    Galina Litvin, MA, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a fervent commitment to enhancing mental health wellness within our community. With a rich background in technical fields, Galina skillfully merges her extensive experience in managing teams and projects at large-scale corporations with her passion for innovative mental health solutions. She leverages the latest technologies to offer therapy in formats that make clients feel most comfortable and supported. Galina’s therapeutic approach is grounded in compassion and safety, creating a nurturing environment where individuals, couples, and families can freely explore their mental health concerns and life’s challenges. She is proactive in the therapeutic process, fostering a space where clients can express all their emotions openly. Driven by a vision to make mental health support universally accessible and affordable, Galina aims to use her impressive administrative and clinical management skills to elevate Integrative Mental Therapy (IMT) to new heights. She is a staunch advocate for emerging professionals in the Marriage and Family Therapy field, aspiring to build a welcoming and inspiring community for new clinicians. For inquiries or to schedule a consultation, feel free to reach out to Galina at [email protected]. Join us in our mission to journey towards a healthier, more fulfilled life. 


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