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  • Couples & Relationship Counseling

    At Institute of Mindful Therapy, we offer couples therapy, providing you the support you need at any stage in your relationship. Our clinicians work to create a safe place where you and your intimate partner can freely work through any relationship or intimacy issues that you might be encountering. The intention of couples counseling is to help each partner and establish better communication with one another and to acquire healthy problem-solving skills.

    In couples counseling, we will work together to establish unified relationship goals and work on strengthening communication and emotional bonds of each partner.


    Our counselors can help with the following issues:

    • Power struggles
    • Communication issues
    • Substance abuse
    • Sexual dissatisfaction
    • Financial issues
    • Anger issues
    • Infidelity
    • Major life adjustments
    • Frequent conflict or high-stress levels
    • Conflicting ideas on childrearing

    We welcome couples and families from all cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations and relationship configurations.

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