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  • Teen Counseling

    The teen brain works differently than the adult brain, so let’s give them a bit of a break and more of a supportive stance. Our brains really aren’t fully developed until at least 25! Mix that in with puberty, the “know-it-all syndrome,” school, and social growth, and any parent can better understand what their child is going through.

    Teen counseling can help with the daily stuff of growing through that fragile time. Changes in the home, such as divorce, a move or a loss can cause mood changes in teens. Anxiety and stressed overachievers often feel alone and overwhelmed. This can cause a lot of parental frustration because you just don’t know how to help or what to do. Oftentimes, teens just need a safe place that is all theirs to visit once a week. Many of our teen clients come after school or practice and have a safe place to relax, cry, laugh, and just let everything out!

    Parents don’t have to make this decision alone, we can help you and your teen create a plan to feel less overwhelmed.

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