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  • Groups and Classes

    Institute of Mindful Therapy offers groups and classes to further support our clients with additional resources for wellness. Group therapy can be a rewarding and supportive experience where you gain individual support from others. Regularly talking and listening to other people’s problems allows you to gain a greater perspective of your own issues. Participating in groups also allows you to feel less alone and to be around other people who might be dealing with some of the same struggles

    We offer the following ongoing groups:

    Bereavement Support Group

    Bi-Weekly bereavement support group helping you overcome sadness, loss, and personal tragedy

    Women’s Support Group

    This weekly group supports adult women seeking change, healing and personal growth. We offer a warm space to facilitate open-hearted sharing and connection with other women.

    Mommy Group

    This weekly group is open to mommy’s to be, new mommies and mommy’s with toddlers who have questions and concerns around parenthood & motherhood. We offer zoom support from the comfort of your home.

    Codependency Group

    A weekly group that offers a safe space to process and learn what it means to be codependent and a format that provides you with tools to end your codependence and develop healthy relationships.

    Pre-licensed mental health support group.

    This group supports pre-licensed professions on their journey of becoming professional mental heath practitioners.

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