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  • Health and Wellness


    Where science meets health coaching.

    How we think, feel and behave can be impacted by how well our body is functioning as a whole. And that’s why our focus on your overall health and wellness can support and strengthen the work with your therapist.

    By combining functional lab work with professional life-style coaching, we can help you to identify and resolve the underlying conditions that can contribute to chronic mental and physical health issues.

    Along with the symptoms typically associated with mental health, many of our clients also experience health complaints such
    as fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar challenges (Type-2 Diabetes), sleep
    troubles, high blood pressure, skin issues and headaches.

    We refer to this as Metabolic Chaos or metabolic dysfunction, the underlying cause of such health struggles that impact the
    quality of our daily life…and our vitality.

    But just because such mental and physical health symptoms may be much more common today…it is not normal. There is a
    reason, and there is help available.

    Our in-house collaborative team of Gina Bowen – Wellness Coach and Dana Hemmingsen – FDN-P offer a free 30-minute
    consultation so that you can learn more about their  program and how it can complement your therapy.

    To schedule your free 30-minute consultation, please contact Gina at 925-222-0875, [email protected].