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  • Shelby DeBord

    I love to laugh with my clients, I take a personal lighthearted approach and take pride in being transparent and straightforward. Our sessions are a safe place where judgement doesn’t exist and humor is invited. I want my clients to feel unfiltered and to be able to have a place where they can release pent up emotional energy wether that means letting you vent and curse after a hard week and other times it could mean digging deep into trauma to decipher emotional and behavioral patterns that need tending to. It is important for me to help my clients take control over the energies that they allow into their lives and set healthy boundaries for themselves.
    Being a Marine Corps. Wife I concentrated my degree in Military Social Work- I have experience with many clients and their spouses within the military community and the unique struggles that service members and their families face. However, I pride my practice on being holistic and well rounded. I am passionate about helping clients navigate sexual kinks/fetishes and BDSM lifestyles. I am an ally of the LGBTQ community- and encourage those thinking of gender transition to find their safe place to lay their fears, angst and excitement within my practice; I promise to always see you for your heart and soul as we work together to navigate the emotions that come with transition. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nevada Reno and Master’s Degree from Walden University. I have experience in utilizing DBT skills to assist my clients with emotional regulation as well as utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to improve communication with couples and assist parents with children diagnosed with Autism. I take a unique and untailored approach with each individual focusing on how your emotional health and behavioral patterns feed off of one another for an all encompassing style.
    I truly believe that there is no “normal” everyone’s life journey is unique to themselves and there is no “right way” to walk a path, but rather finding the way that works for you. I firmly feel everyone is capable of personal growth if they choose to do so; as humans we are designed to change and adapt, taking the first step is always the most difficult but if you are committed to doing the work I am committed to supporting and helping to guide you through that journey.