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  • Sena Weidkamp, AMFT

    Sena Weidkamp is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist dedicated to helping those she works with to navigate and explore their unique paths towards well-being. Sena finds purpose in her work through guiding her clients towards the process of unfolding the insights and self-awareness that can support them in leading a life with deeper connections. It’s Sena’s belief that, “The hardships we face, and the challenges we experience, keep us from being able to accurately see ourselves. We often get lost in external narratives, social expectations, or other interpretations or views that disconnect us, or make it unsafe for us to truly know and honor who we are and how we got to the place we are at. Knowing our truth, gives us the opportunity to feel agency, purpose, and peace.” Sena is passionate about providing her clients with the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and understood in ways they may have not yet experienced. 

    After earning her masters in counseling psychology from JFK University, Sena went on to provide therapy in a variety of different environments, including community-based mental health, intensive EHRMS, individual therapy, as well as residential treatment for both teens and adults. Throughout her time in these different settings, Sena became attuned to the need for therapeutic care that at its core, is provided with empathy, non-judgment, purpose and heart.

    Sena utilizes an integrative approach incorporating modalities, such as psychodynamic, humanistic and relational models. As she begins to better understand her clients, Sena incorporates a variety of interventions from these modalities, in order to support her clients in growth and healing. Her style weighs heavily on empathy, compassion, and humor.  Sessions with Sena feel conversational, collaborative, and hopeful.

    Associate Marriage Family Therapist

    Supervised by Sorrenta Stuart

    License # 47901

    1250 Pine Street, Suite 100

    Walnut Creek, CA 94596