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    Hello 2022! 


    What is emotional healing? And what is your “woke up” story? 

    Do you ever feel like something is missing? 

    What does it mean to serve your higher self? To live from a place of love? 

    Whay exactly is emotional healing? 

    In short it’s the sifting through thoughts, feelings, and emotions so they don’t throw us off our true north or true pathway that is authentic to each of us.

    I talk a lot about responding versus reacting with my clients and with myself. Yes – in my head or my journal! I do! It’s important to me and it’s something that is not easy to get right as often as I would like. I talk about it with my trusted ones. When I do get it right, by my own ruler that is, I feel at peace and I feel calm. When I am able to respond rather than react life is just, well easier for me. Setting boundaries and being able to hold composure in tough situations keeps me healthy. When I can check in with myself and keep my chakras balanced I respond. When I am tired, sad, overwhelmed I react and I am not proud of that. I show up stressed and I can feel my body shift to a more disorganized state. Then I tend to shut down or say something I don’t really mean. 

    For me responding is a massive ongoing commitment I have to myself It lightens the to do list and let’s me release control. It allows space for more energy to do and think the way we are meant to. Not the way we are necessarily taught to behave or think. Hearing my own voice comforts me and allows me to speak from a place of abundance while holding boundaries.

    Remember there’s a big difference between an emotion (an immediate reaction that is controlled by the amygdala that is connected to our hypothalamus and contributes to all our cortisol driven behavior) it’s a biochemical reaction to a threat or an award. 

    Now feelings – this is the stuff I want to help you focus on. Feelings are conscious experiences. All your memories and experiences are sort of linked to your feelings. Hence why each of us want to feel a certain way or abhor certain feelings. 

    It’s truly all about the FEELS! 

    Are you coming from a place of love or a place of fear in each area in your life? You don’t have to love everyone, that’s not what I mean. Yet you CAN choose to live in a vibration that honors love rather than fear. 

    The more we breathe for our authentic self, the more we can show up for others and live in love. So together please take one deep breath in through your nose and fill your lungs with inspiration and breathe out and release ALL the darkness that is not yours to carry.

    Collectively we can use our energy to make small changes which will turn into massive change! Here’s to 2022 and infinity! 

    Written in compassion by:

    Sorrenta Stuart, LMFT 

    Institute of Mindful Therapy